Investing for your children

We grow great by dreaming big.” – Woodrow Wilson.

This is true, but we believe that your dreams should include those of your children too. Most wealthy people realized very early in life that they needed to invest on behalf of their children and also teach their children the profitable secret of investing.

what we do

There are so many techniques you can adopt. Some of these are:

1. Start young

Don’t wait till they are teenagers if they aren’t already.

2. Pay pocket money

Small stipends will introduce them to the concept of earning.

3. Encourage saving

This is one positive habit that will no doubt set them ahead of their peers.

4. Open a Mutual Fund account

This gives them a feeling of independence, responsibility and will also encourage them to invest (even if in small amounts). As teenagers, they might not be of age to open a mutual fund account but you can open one on their behalf and teach them how to invest a portion of their savings to achieve a future goal or grow their dreams. Mutual Funds can help you minimize risk and maximize your returns. The minimum investment in mutual funds could vary from as low as N5, 000 to N50, 000.

Ready to get started?

If you’re planning for your child’s future, socking money away into a high-interest kids savings account is a good place to start. The only downside to that is investing your money will typically yield a better return than simply saving. FBNQuest Asset Management, provides several investment options and you can start with investing as little as N5, 000 in a mutual fund.

  Peace of mind

  Initial investment

  Increased chance of a better life

  Emergency Fund

  Exceptional Opportunities

  Secured future


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