Planning your future with the people you love

Jimi and Adanna have known each other for more than a decade. They were high school sweet hearts and now they are happily married.

Over the years every valentine, Jimi has gone out of his way to impress his wife with all the flashy and expensive gifts he could buy her. He loved her dearly and last years’ valentine, it was a weekend getaway to Venice. The year before, it was a candle lit dinner at a 5 star restaurant. He was tired of conventional gifts. This year, he wanted to do something more thoughtful, more profound; something that she would remember long after that day.

Jimi remembered what his good friend and business partner Mustapha mentioned sometime ago about mutual funds that help people plan for the future. Jimi then decided to get Adanna the gift of a lifetime by investing in the FBN Capital Asset Management Mutual Funds. Who better to plan a future with than someone you genuinely love.

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What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds are investments into diverse asset categories like stocks, fixed deposit, bonds, treasury bills and more, as opposed to just investing in one and are also a great way to diversify your investments and help you minimize risk. The investment benchmarks are affordable and could vary from N5,000 to N50,000.

FBN Capital Asset Management has three mutual funds; the FBN Money Market Fund, FBN Fixed Income Fund, and FBN Heritage Fund, each respectively with a minimum investment amount of N5,000; N50,000; and N50,000. So there are flexible packages for different interests – there is literally a fund for everyone.

Ready to get started?

So why don’t you give a gift that could last a lifetime this Valentine’s day. Invest in an FBN Capital Asset Management mutual fund for your loved one. You could be planting the seed that will grow and enable them achieve their dreams.

FBN Capital Asset Management has a team of experienced fund managers who are eager to listen to you and help you or your loved one grow your dreams.

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